Blurred Potato Lines

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Getting my hair colored today, (no grays, just a little dull) and my stylist, who just lost 20 pounds, asks me, “So what is a typical dinner for you, like what are you having tonight?”  Prior to the question, she says something about how she’s been craving carbs lately and can’t figure out why, but thinks it might be related to the weather changing and the temperatures getting colder.

I’m thinking…maybe you’re craving carbs because your body needs them and they taste good.  “Chicken, a vegetable of some kind, and a bakedpotato,” I tell her.

Her pupils dilate.

My credibility is questionable at this point.

I might as well have told her I was frying up some gopher spleen. People are so funny.  They won’t eat a benign, 120-calorie, natural, made-in-the-earth, potato because they think it’s gonna make them fat. They don’t see the connection between depriving themselves of fundamental foods and the super-size fries they coincidentally consume three days after they just wanted a potato.  Food cravings or “hankerins” as they say here in the South, don’t go away, they just fester and grow and become harder to satisfy.

I know what you’re thinking:  A potato in the buff doesn’t scare you half as much as it does with the goo that goes on top. And who really eats the carb of Irish descent without butter ‘n’ sour cream?  I do see your point.  But if you always think the way you’ve always thought, there’s no room in your brain for a new perspective and without a new perspective, nothing changes. Try taking off some of the goo and, with an open-mind, taste.  You might find you like it without all that camouflage.

As an honorary member of the Official Potato Fan Club, I’d like to urge you reconsider the merit of eating, thus enjoying, my brown-cloaked, all fluffy-in-the-middle, friend; this well-intentioned spud is your friend too.  It provides good taste, its warm, it takes a decent amount of chewing to consume and it fills you up.  Did I mention inexpensive too? Now if all that doesn’t describe a food that’ll do a darn good job of getting you to, and keep you at, a healthy weight I don’t know what would.

Until next time,

Peace, Potatoes and A New Perspective





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