Lions And Tigers And Bear Claws, Oh My!

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Ever feel like the weight loss information you get is about as clear and as helpful as the advice The Scarecrow gave to Dorothy at their first encounter in the corn field?  And If I have to tell you what movie I’m referring to, you probably should stop following me on Tumblr; I rebuke you, we have nothing in common.In my scenario, The Scarecrow will be played by the diet industry and the part of Dorothy will be played by you. I hope you look good in pigtails and gingham. Dorothy comes to a fork in the road and doesn’t know which path she should take to lead  her to destination. Enter Dorothy and Toto:

“Now which way do we go Toto?

“Pardon me but that way’s a very nice way.”

Toto begins to bark at The Scarecrow,   “Don’t be silly Toto, scarecrows don’t talk.”

“Of course some people do go both ways.”

Poor Dorothy! How’s she going to reach Oz?  She’s confused, perplexed and frustrated about which way to go to reach her goal…and maybe so are you.

My name is Bren and the sole purpose of this blog is to challenge you to question then rethink everything you think you know about weight loss and how you can actually live a pleasure-based, healthy life. Warning to purist and all-or-none thinkers!: this blog is based on both my experience and non-deprivational philosphy that allows and sometimes encourages the consumption of all form of chocolate (not just the dark kind…oh yeah, I said it.) as well as the sweet intake of wine and various other foods and beverages that bring a little “Oz” into everyday life.

My first challenge to you:  If you come across a diet answer that seems fantastical, just plain hard to believe, or something you can’t do for the rest of your life, it’s for certain a short-lived answer to a long term issue. Sometimes the answer to what you’re looking for isn’t so complicated or so far away from what your inner-voice tells you to be true.

Until next time,

Peace, Chocolate and Ruby Slippers!image

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