Ode to the Teddy of Graham

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Teddy Grahams, especially the chocolate ones, are awesome! Eating them makes me happy. They have permanent residence on the middle shelf of my snack cabinet.  Chocolate Teddy Grahams (herein referred to as “CTG’s”) are my number one go-to option when I have a hankerin’ for something sweet and chocolaty…which is everyday.  Sometimes I grab a small handful (always a lady) and sometimes I eat them in sections, consuming their little heads first, then their little bodies.  These little fellas are delicious, they have a grown-up chocolaty flavor, and are a good sweet-snack option.

And here’s another big reason why I love these teeny cubs:  They are real food.  They don’t hangout with diet-cookie posers who pretend to be something they’re not. They do not consider themselves a “cookie alternative” and they have never jumped on or off the gluten-free bandwagon.  You find them proudly perched on the shelves of the cookie isle, between the Nilla Vanillas and the Oreos. How much more legit a cookie can you get then that?

And why, you might ask, is their real vs. fake cookie status important?  Because staying with new and improved dietary changes is way more about psychology then dietary facts.  How you view food options, what your brain tells you about how something is going to taste, what pleasure you derive or do not derive from eating it, in a nutshell, is the reason why you start, stop or stick to the on-going consumption of it. I’m going out on a limb here, but think about it; the more you think something is good for you, the more you don’t want to eat it.  Here’s why:  If food provides an escape from the stress of life, which it does for many, diet anything doesn’t connect us to the pleasurable taste experience we are seeking to calm us or make us feel better.  The rebel/pleasure seeking part of our brain is not getting what it wants. And we know if we don’t feel satisfied, (i.e. eating diet cookies and the like) we end-up reach for something else, something way worse then munching those CTGs!

As humans, we are pleasure-seeking mongers.  See, the brain can sniff out a diet option a mile away and once it labels a food “diet,” it becomes less appealing.  You may eat said diet cookie for a week or so, but soon, you kick it to the curb. Why? Because when you eat the diet food alternative, in an attempt to be “good,” your brain doesn’t receive it as a fair-swap substitute to what it really wants.

Now I could tell you that CTG’s are low in calories, low in sugar, low in fat and salt, with a decent amount of fiber per service, but why would I do that?  What your brain doesn’t know can help you!

Try eating foods that are not “diet foods” but are a few steps better than the ones you are eating now, and enjoy them. Weight loss occurs from less calories consumed. For me, and maybe for you, a viable sweet option is the Chocolate Teddy Graham.

teddy grahams2

Thank you CTG’s for not pretending to be something you are not! I honor you and I eat you!